The difference between building sand and plastering sand

In the construction industry, sand is often used for various applications, such as building and plastering. However, they do not use the same sand for these applications. Read about the difference between building sand and plastering sand below:


Building sand

Building sand is sand that is used in the construction of structures. It is a very broad category that refers to different types of sand used to create building products such as concrete and other mixes that are created for brick laying and other purposes. Crusher stone is the type of sand commonly used in the creation of concrete; pit sand can also be used as an aggregate in concrete mixes. Building sand also refers to sands such as plastering sand and filling sand.


Plastering sand

Plastering sand is in a much narrower category than building sand as it refers only to the sand that is used for plastering. Plastering sand is a type of sand with an incredibly fine grain for smooth finishes. The fine sand from riverbanks is used as plastering sand.


Why there are different sands in construction

Various construction sand is used to create substances of different textures and viscosities to allow the building of various products. If a sand with large grain was used for plastering, it would cause the texture of the plaster to change, creating a very rough surface finish.


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