River Sand

River Sand, Building Sand

River Sand is used for floors, under paving and gunniting. Sold per ton

Building Sand

Red Building Sand, Top soil

Red dry screened building sand Mixes a smooth mortar Naturally red in colour Suitable for many building and landscaping applications Per ton



plaster sand, Construction Sand

Plastering Sand, used for plastering. Gives a very smooth finish Per ton

19mm Builder’s Mix

Builders Mix

19mm Builder’s Mix



filling, Natural Rock

Used for filling and under paving. Per ton


Crushed Stone

This is a crushed product used as a sub-base for roads and parking areas. Per ton



Crushed Stone

This is the cheapest and easiest product to make. It is a natural product that is predominately overburden and natural rock. It is used as a filling material.

13 mm Crushed Stone

Builders Mix

This has been crushed to an approximate diameter of 13mm. It is used primarily as stone in block making. It is also used in landscaping for gravel driveways and pathways.


19mm Crusher Stone

Builders Mix

This is a crushed product approximately 19mm in diameter. It is used primarily in the production of concrete.

13mm Builder’s Mix

Builders Mix

13mm Builder’s Mix.


Builders Mix


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