How much does it cost to build a sand washing plant in South Africa?

To answer this question, we need to ascertain the type and size of the sandstone plant to establish the investment amount. Also, the question that comes into play are: How much is the processing capacity? The investment in stone factories of different production scales varies greatly. What is the processing material? Different hardness materials require different equipment. How about engineering, geological conditions? Infrastructure investment in soft foundations and hard foundations varies widely.

Determining the budget 

With the changes in the environmental protection policy for mining, the requirements for establishing stone factories are also undergoing new changes. The traditional production, high pollution level, and small scale stone factory are gradually being replaced by environmentally friendly stone factories, which means the project also has a more capital investment.



The stone building factory must first obtain the mining license, business license, mining license, and safety production license. The handling of these documents requires a fee.


The capital investment in the mining and leasing production sites is purchased, and the owner or department of the mine is consulted according to the local market conditions.

Medium budget

Equipment cost

Blasting equipment, rock drills, drilling rigs, wind guns, etc.
Transportation tools - forklifts, trucks, excavators, loaders, dump trucks, etc

The production of stone materials is inseparable from basic equipment such as feeders, crushers, vibrating screens and belt conveyors. If you want the finished sand, you need a sand 

Making machines, and a sand washing machine.

Electrical system – motor, starter cabinet, cable, transformer, air compressor, etc.


Civil construction costs

The civil works and steel structures of the stone factory’s workshops, silos, crushers, vibrating screens and belt conveyors also require a corresponding budget. Usually the price is about 10% of the equipment cost.


Environmental protection costs

Environmental protection is the general direction of the stone factory. After many governments have clearly requested environmental protection, they can only be put into operation. Specific environmental protection measures include installation of dust removal equipment, closed production workshops, hardened plant roads, and greening surrounding environments at major dust spots.

The  budget post

1. Logistics cost

The machine used for stone production belongs to a large-scale of mining equipment. If a foreign manufacturer is selected, the customer should consider the long-distance logistics cost of the equipment. Sorting of freight rates: air transport, land transport and water transport.

2. Labour costs

According to the needs of production and management, employees with professional skills, such as accounting, equipment operators, drivers, monitoring room duty personnel, etc., need to be employed. These are the software inputs of the stone factory.

According to experience, the size of the stone factory varies from tens of thousands to tens of millions. The above introduction can be found that the medium-term budget accounts for a large proportion of the price of the stone factory. Therefore, customers should invest more energy in selecting equipment, try to conduct on-the-spot investigations, and fully understand the qualifications, scale and after-sales service of many manufacturers. Then make a reasonable decision.


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